100 WC The Sad Tiger By Samanyu

There once was a tiger.
When he was only 2 years old, he was captured by a zookeeper.
He was put into a tiny cage for 5 years.
This zookeeper wanted a wild animal of his own.
The tiger was now 7 years old, and he was slowly walking around his cage.
He had a plan on how to escape.
He started to pick the lock of the cage.
When he had succeeded, he climbed out of the cage and went to the front door.
He had watched the zookeeper open the door a million times, so he easily did it.
Once he got out he saw the zookeepers vehicle which was playing really obnoxious music.
He ran as fast as his furry legs could run.


  1. I like how you had a good story by explaining in the beginning was captured and kept. It feels like a scene in a real book

  2. Dear Samanyu,
    I like how you included the lion running away and going back to some place. I also liked how you mentioned that he picked the lock of his cage. Please comment on my 100 WC at https://kidblog.org/class/7th-grade-english-19-20/posts/13kb6946o36sv5nnhynlg6d17


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